Whether you are interested in learning more about your past, present, and future, or you need help with a specific issue in your life, Psychic Tonya offers understanding and compassionate services for your needs. To learn more about my services or to schedule a reading, please callĀ 678-552-1500.

Palm Readings


Palm Reading is one way to find both the future as well as a healthy human spirit. A single line on your palm can explain all sorts of aspects concerning your life, including relationships.

Card Readings


Tarot Card Readings are most commonly used to understand a person’s current situation and what events they can expect to encounter in their future.

Crystal Readings


Crystal readings are used to evaluate the life cycles, and how you are directly affected by what is happening to you now, what has happened in the past and what is to come in the future.

Spiritual Readings


Spiritual readings can be a bonus for people troubled by guilt or conscience in that they can often enable contact beyond the here and now to people that can assist in resolution of their issues.